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Everything to Consider When Installing Conference Room Doors

June 28, 2023 | Company News

When installing conference room doors, there are four factors to consider: light, durability, privacy, and cost. How important each of these is to your organization determines which doors are best suited to your conference room.


Bright spaces make people alert and productive. They also make it easier to read documents and concentrate on the information being presented to them. And while doors don’t generate light, they have a huge impact on it. Glass doors not only allow your conference room to take advantage of its own lighting, but surrounding lights as well, which helps make meetings more constructive.


Because conference rooms are a focal point for company activities, they tend to experience more wear and tear than most other doors in your building. Of course all conference room doors can withstand repeated use, but metal doors tend to withstand it the longest. They resist dents, scratches, impacts, and other sorts of damage that occur whenever large groups of people move in and out of a room.


Sometimes information needs to be shared without becoming widely known. If you don’t want people looking in on your documents and presentations, you’ll either need a wood door, a metal door, or a frosted glass door. While traditional glass doors promote visibility, frosted glass doors create privacy while still allowing outside light to filter in. They don’t have to be entirely frosted either. Frosting half the glass prevents passersby from reading sensitive documents without obscuring the entire room.


Wood doors are generally more affordable than glass or steel. However, since every company needs to consider maintenance costs as well as purchase costs, installing steel or glass doors in the busiest areas of your building may be the best way to save money in the long run.

Installing Conference Room Doors

Vortex Doors works closely with clients, helping them choose doors that best meet their needs. Our teams work quickly to find and install the right solution. No matter the size of the project, our technicians are here for you, ready to assist however they can. Contact us today to learn more!

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