Rolling Steel Fire DoorKeeping up with Fire Code standards is a necessity for all business and public buildings. Most Fire Authorities suggest that you have your roll up doors tested annually to ensure they are working properly in the event of an emergency. Some cities require special testing and certification each year.

The fact that you are reading this means you recognize that keeping up to fire code standards is an integral part of protecting lives. To reward your commendable actions here’s a checklist of things that inspections should include.

Inspect the Condition Of:

  • Curtain, guides, hood & baffle
  • Brackets & operating assemblies
  • Closing & governor assemblies
  • Sash/race chain & S-hooks
  • Guide assembly & hood attachment to the wall
  • Track, rollers, binders, stops, & pulleys
  • Fusible links
  • Chain and S-hooks
  • Track & hardware
  • Counterbalance assembly

Check & Use of Non-Flammable Lube:

  • Tension balance and/or drop spring
  • Operation of door
  • All firing, drop & pivot arms
  • Speed of door as it drops


  • Fire and re-set door
  • Fire a 2nd time and re-set door


At Vortex Doors, we provide a Fire Door Service Program which insures that your rolling steel fire doors are tested annually. We perform all of the items in the checklist above and even simulate an emergency to see if the doors perform up to fire code standards in the event of a real emergency. Your inspection will end with a written report of doors that passed our inspection as well as recommendations of repairs, if needed, to bring doors up to Fire Code and pass inspection.

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