451px-Handicapped_Accessible_sign.svgHave you been told that your business is not ADA compliant by a customer, employee, government agency or ADA Consultant? While it can be difficult to understand how to make your business ADA compliant, the truth is that getting your business up-to-code has several advantages when accessible interior and exterior doors are installed. With the right advice and the right door installation company by your side, your business can be ADA compliant within a few days.

How does having disability accessible doors benefit a business financially?

Being ADA compliant means that when someone with a disability comes to your business, they have an easy way to enter your establishment. This could mean having a door that automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button. And when a customer with a disability can access your business easily, you may win them over because they recognize that you are a business that is helpful to customers who require more assistance.

Get free money to be an ADA compliant business

Did you know that there are government programs that cover some or part of the money required to make a business ADA compliant? That’s right. And a business that makes their building ADA compliant for customers may also be eligible for tax breaks at the local, state or federal level. One of the main advantages of using a professional door repair company to help you become ADA compliant is that they will help you get the right paperwork into the right hands for processing your tax rebate.

Reap the benefits of lower business insurance premiums

The hidden advantage of being ADA compliant is that some insurance companies see this as a way to lower your annual premiums. In particular, having an ADA compliant building means that, even if a person with disabilities was in your place of business and an accident happened, you would already be prepared for that event because you had the proper doors installed.

Become ADA compliant in Fort Worth!

If you are struggling to figure out how to start making your business ADA compliant, contact Vortex. We can help you understand what tasks need to be done and which doors will work best for your current building. At Vortex, we have been family-owned since 1937. In addition to fixing doors that were damaged by the weather, we also repair entrance doors, warehouse doors, fire doors and perform ADA compliance inspections. We are also well-known for our preventative maintenance inspections. And our recent expansion to the Fort Worth metro area means that we have more trucks to keep the response the fastest and best in the industry!

For more information on commercial door repair in Fort Worth, TX call us at (817) 840-2905. Or for information on our other service locations, contact Vortex Doors online or give us a call at 800-698-6783.


Image via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americans_with_Disabilities_Act_of_1990