Solid wooden doors were once a staple of businesses and office buildings. But with new manufacturing techniques, companies can now choose from a wider range of options. Rather than relying on solid wooden doors, they can purchase hollow or solid core doors instead. Each one offers distinct advantages, but which is right for your business? Let’s explore the benefits of hollow core doors vs. solid core doors.

Hollow Core Doors

Despite their name, hollow core doors aren’t hollow. Inside the wood veneer is a cardboard honeycomb design that provides the structure for the door. This provides two main advantages. First, because cardboard is cheaper than wood, hollow core doors are more affordable than solid wooden doors and solid core doors. Second, they’re lightweight, which makes them easier to operate with less wear and tear on the hardware.

However, because they’re made with a cardboard interior, damage can occur much easier when impacted. And when damage occurs, replacing them is normally more cost effective than repairing them. 

Solid Core Doors

Though not as expensive as solid wooden doors, solid core doors can cost more than hollow core doors. They’re also heavier, which makes them more difficult to operate. 

On the other hand, solid core doors are considerably stronger and more secure than hollow core doors. They’re filled with wood or synthetic wood composite, which makes them far more durable. And, unlike solid wood doors, they don’t expand or contract with rising or falling temperatures. What’s more, their dense interior provides superior insulation and soundproofing – as good as solid wood.

Choosing Between Hollow Core Doors vs. Solid Core Doors

Deciding between a hollow core door vs. a solid core door depends on your specific business needs. Hollow core doors save money in the short term, but because they’re less durable, depending on where they are installed, could cost more in the long run. By contrast, installing solid core doors is more expensive upfront, but can help save money over time.

Solid core doors also provide greater privacy. Not to mention their solid construction makes them a great choice for offices that need to deal with moisture and temperature fluctuations. But because every space is unique, many companies find it more economical to mix and match. Storage rooms, for instance, don’t require much privacy, while an executive office does. Installing solid core doors where they’re most needed, and hollow cores everywhere else, provides maximum benefits at the lowest possible cost.

Installing and Repairing Doors in Your Business

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