hollow-metal-fire-door-repair1If you are a business owner with hollow metal fire doors, you may already know the benefits of having them. They last longer, are sturdier than other types of door materials, normally require less repairs, and provide more security than other options. However, they still needs to be inspected and tested annually to make sure they stay up-to-code so they provide the most protection in case of fire.

Why door inspection matters to businesses

The local fire jurisdiction suggest that your hollow metal fire doors are tested and certified annual by a qualified door company.  If a fire inspector visits your site and a certified label is not on the door, they will require that you an inspection done.  Keeping your doors maintained and inspected annually will make unexpected inspections go smoothly.

What to look for in hollow metal door inspectors

When choosing a hollow door repair specialist, first check to see what they cover in their services. For instance, do they offer fire door inspections, ADA compliance packages, and other preventive maintenance inspections? Do they also test all hardware and doors with the use of canned smoke? Will they maintain or repair your door quickly with same-day service? And, are their technicians specifically trained in inspected and testing fire doors?

Professional Assistance

Vortex Doors prides themselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have trained at a proprietary state-of-the-art training center. For more information on getting your hollow metal fire doors maintained or repaired so it stays up-to-code and provides the most protection, contact Vortex Doors online or give us a call at 800-698-6783.