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How to Choose the Right Door Company

July 10, 2024 | Commercial Doors

Choosing the right door company is critical to ensuring that work done to your entryways meets your company’s needs and expectations. More than supplying top-of-the-line products, a reputable door company offers comprehensive repair and maintenance support for a wide range of doors, including swing doors, automatic doors, overhead doors, folding doors, security doors, and fire doors, ensuring all their parts and components fit and function as expected. Whether you’re in the market for a new door or need help servicing or repairing an existing one, here are the factors to consider before choosing a door company.

  • Can the Company Provide Same Day Service?

    Prompt repairs are essential for the safety and security of your business. A rapid response gets your door back into operating mode with minimal downtime. Vortex operates over 50 Service Centers, and over 400 Service trucks providing fast, ground-level support to businesses the same day if needed or within 24 hours for non-emergency service calls.

  • Can Your Company Service All Types of Doors, Gates, and Dock Levelers Using the Same Tech?

    Technicians who can address multiple issues with one visit save time and money. They also reduce disruptions, ensuring all doors and equipment are secure and functional without interrupting the flow of goods through your business. Eighty-four percent of Vortex service calls are resolved with a single technician which helps reduce the cost of the repair.

  • Does Your Company Have Stocked Vehicles to Provide Same Day Repairs and Reduce Costs of Return Trips?

    Stocked vehicles ensure technicians can respond quickly to problems, with all the tools and materials they need to restore your doors. By eliminating the need to return to the warehouse for more supplies, stocked vehicles allow technicians to complete repairs promptly on-site, minimizing delays. Vortex trucks are fully equipped with company provided tools, parts, and hardware, including  ladders, generator, and welder, that allow them to work independently in the field.

  • Can They Provide the Same Service to Multiple Locations Across Different States?

    Businesses operating in several states need to be assured that they will receive the same level of quality and service at every one of their locations. At the same time, centralized inventory management and logistics reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance convenience. Vortex operates in over fourteen states, with fully-stocked service centers capable of providing specialized support to companies across a wide array of industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, hospitality, and manufacturing.

  • Are They 100% Self-Performing

    Self-performing companies don’t rely on subcontractors. Instead, they complete projects with their own trucks, tools, resources, and employees. By eliminating the markups and fees associated with third-party contractors, self-performing businesses provide significant cost savings compared to their competitors. Vortex teams are completely self-sufficient, able to execute complex initiatives without reliance on outside resources, labor, or expertise ‒  ensuring greater control over timelines, budgets, and maintaining high quality.

  • Does the Company Provide Free Estimates?

    Free estimates don’t just allow customers to make informed decisions. They also demonstrate the company’s commitment to honesty and transparency, with a detailed list of prices and fees. By offering free estimates, businesses indicate they are confident in the quality of their services and value the customer’s needs and decision-making process over the potential revenue of a quick sale. Vortex estimates are always provided in writing, free of charge.  We also welcome discussion regarding pricing and product options to complete your repairs timely and within your budgets.

  • Do They Charge for Tools, Equipment, and Mileage?

    Door companies often go in with a low labor rate to attract customers and then add on mileage fees, charge for equipment brought to the site (ie: generators, welders, tools), and request payment for use of their tools. In this way, they can increase invoice costs while claiming to be inexpensive. Vortex’s rate is all inclusive: trucks, tools, and equipment is covered in our initial quote. We also train our technicians in best practices, to ensure they’re safe and efficient, which helps prevent accidents and delays that could lead to cost overruns.

  • Are the Techs AAADM Trained & Certified to Repair Automatic Doors as per ANSI 156.10 Safety Standards?

    For safety, it is recommended that automatic doors adhere to strict guidelines laid down by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) certification process ensures technicians have the knowledge and training to inspect, diagnose, and repair malfunctioning doors, in order to guarantee they function safely, reliably, and efficiently. In 2013, Vortex became an authorized certification facility for the AAADM. Participants receive exclusive, one-on-one instruction on all types of automatic doors and hardware as well as a certification of passing the class.

  • Are Their Technicians Properly Certified in Fire Door Repairs and Inspections as Updated in the 2024 NFPA 80 Standards?

    Fire doors protect lives and property by preventing the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes. Technicians certified by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) are trained to inspect fire doors, identifying issues that may compromise their performance during an emergency. Regular inspections not only ensure safety, but help you avoid expensive legal fines and liability.

    While many companies are not aware that the NFPA requires certified techs to inspect and drop test fire doors, Vortex was one of the only companies that certified its technicians proactively. Our training center teaches approved NFPA certification courses, ensuring our staff has the knowledge to carry out door inspections and repairs.

  • Are You Provided Different Product Options to Fit Your Budget?

    A wide inventory allows door companies to design affordable solutions that enhance your business. Because Vortex is not a manufacturer and doesn’t have any exclusive distribution contracts, we are able to buy from most all producers and distributors in the market in order to provide a solution that best fits your needs often without having to replace the entire unit.

  • Do They Have a Responsive Single POC to Manage All Your Locations?

    A single Point of Contact (POC) ensures clear and consistent communication. Furthermore, providing customers with someone who understands their company, as well as the challenges it’s facing, allows businesses to address specific needs and arrive quickly at effective solutions.

    Vortex customer service representatives are available 24/7, so customers can be certain of talking to a live person immediately via phone or email. Through our responsive points of contact, we strive to build personal, local relationships with our clients. Our solid reputation is based on traditional customer service, where requests are answered promptly through your preferred method of communication.

  • What Is Their Warranty?

    Warranties demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality, a willingness to stand behind the caliber of their work. Vortex’s warranty is 90 days on labor, 1 year on parts for repairs, and 3 years on new door installations. What’s more, unlike other service companies, we don’t delay responses to warranty calls. We respond to them as fast as standard service calls.

  • What Is Their Google Star Rating? Have You Read Their Reviews?

    Reviews provide firsthand accounts of customer experiences, offering valuable insight into the company’s performance and effectiveness. Door companies with positive reviews have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable, capable of repairing, installing, and servicing doors at a reasonable price. The higher the rating, the better they are at delivering results and meeting client expectations. Vortex maintains a 4.9 Google Rating, based on feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers across the United States. 

  • Does the Company Have the Ability to Buy Parts from All Door Manufacturers?

    Sourcing parts from various manufacturers guarantees a company can service and repair all the doors in your building. It also allows them to purchase the best quality part for your application and provides access to the latest technology, making it easy to incorporate new innovations into your door systems. 

    Vortex is not an exclusive distributor or major producer, which leaves us free to source parts from all manufacturers within the industry ‒ even obsolete and hard-to-find parts.

  • Beyond Certifications, Does the Company Have a Training Program for Techs and Installers?

    Doors and door equipment are incredibly diverse and can be dangerous if not handled properly while repairs are being made. Training ensures the technicians working on your doors have the skills and knowledge to complete projects according to your specifications, and in line with industry standards. It also keeps employees up-to-date on new technologies, techniques, and practices ‒ helping them repair and upgrade doors with efficiency and minimal downtime.

    In order to give our technicians hands-on training in a well organized, intimate atmosphere, Vortex opened a state-of-the-art training center in 2008. Our courses not only cover all types of doors and door products including dock levelers, but also specialized techniques such as welding, torch use, loading and ladder safety, and fire door inspections. We also do our own AAADM and Fire Door Certifications.

  • If so, Are the Classes at a 6:1 Ratio or Less for Optimum and Quality Training?

    A low student-teacher ratio is crucial for effective instruction. It creates a focused and engaging environment where trainers can adapt their approach to each student’s learning style, helping them absorb information and master new skills. 

    To ensure our technicians are experts on all types of door repairs, our professional courses always maintain a low ratio between instructors and trainees. This allows hands-on training in a well supervised environment to provide the most extensive, effective, and long-term training.

  • Have You Checked Their Safety Record?

    A strong safety record indicates the company is a trusted partner who follows sustainable business practices. With doors, accidents can occur not only during service and maintenance, but also during normal operations ‒ endangering your organization and staff. Safety-conscious companies maintain high standards across all commercial activities, which translates to better results, higher quality work, and a safer environment for your team.

    Thanks to our robust safety program, Vortex has a favorable accident rating company wide. Our technicians have a required list of safety items they’re required to bring with them to the jobsite to ensure the well-being of our techs and clients, as well as their employees and customers.

  • Does the Company Have a Documented Safety Program?

    Safety procedures instituted on an ad hoc basis often lead to trouble. To avoid mishaps, every employee needs to understand and adhere to established protocols, with risks and hazards clearly laid out to reduce the likelihood of accidents. In the event of an emergency, a documented safety program also ensures everyone involved knows how to react in order to mitigate damage and help to injured people.

    In addition to our mandatory training and safety meetings, Vortex is active, valid, or qualified with numerous organizations dedicated to employee well-being and worksite sustainability, including Avetta, ComplyWorks, Highwire, National Compliance, and Veriforce.

When it comes to doors, Vortex isn’t only the right choice. We’re the best choice. Companies who need their doors to operate reliably depend on us to service, repair, and upgrade their equipment. We inspect critical parts, addressing issues before they escalate. This ensures  your doors remain functional, while simultaneously extending their lifespan and lowering cost of ownership. Our commitment to high quality provides a long-term solution to keep your doors and dock operating safely.

Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your doors in good working order with less time, money, and effort.

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