Keep Bugs Out and Cool Air In with Industrial Warehouse Screens

Hot summers go hand in hand with a variety of bugs that want to thrive and birds that seek cool temperatures. Fighting pests and maintaining proper airflow are two of the biggest challenges when it comes to a pleasant environment inside an open warehouse or large storage facility. Industrial screens, curtains and roll up mesh solutions are a great way to keep flying pests out and your facility comfortable.

A recent heat stress study from NASA revealed the higher the temperature rose in a facility, the greater the negative effect on productivity and accuracy. In fact, experts recommend maintaining indoor temperatures near 71℉, which is hard to do in a warehouse with constant, open access points. It’s also difficult to keep bugs and birds from entering the facility with unprotected airflow.

If you’re considering industrial screens as a solution, here are the key benefits:

  • Protects against unwanted flying pests and birds
  • Maintains proper ventilation and airflow, keeping the workspace comfortable even as temperatures climb
  • Works on common areas such as doorways, docks, large enclosures and booths
  • Offers shade depending on installation location
  • Pleases the eye with various styles and options to meet budget and needs

Working in any healthy environment requires proper airflow sans airborne bacteria, viruses and flying pests. While keeping temperatures at bay is a challenge in open warehouses and large storage units, a smooth circulation of air in and out of the area can be accomplished with industrial screens affixed to the doorways — or even used to divide a facility into separate spaces. Contact Vortex today to learn more about industrial screen solutions to keep cool air in and pests out.