Security gates are a far cry from medieval royalty protecting their castles and towns. Today, security gates are a necessary, multi-functional evil that smart merchants and property owners alike can easily adapt. While they’re commonly used for large complexes that require perimeter security, they also protect small businesses from break-ins and add a design element to the storefront. 

But it’s not just about having the security measure, it’s about maintaining the gates, too. Symbolizing strength, with regular inspections and proper maintenance of the motor, track, rollers and other hardware, your gate will continue to hold strong. To keep your gates in premium shape, you can alway rely on Vortex to provide you with professional maintenance.

Security gate offerings from Vortex include multiple styles, sizes and budgets to choose from. Here are select features:

  • Built to desired application
  • Automatic or padlocked designs
  • Materials such as cold rolled steel and lightweight aluminum
  • Numerous operator options and accessories
  • Solar powered gates
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Storefront security gates
  • Accordion and rolling grilles
  • Scissor gates
  • Parking lot gates

There’s no longer a need for royal guards. Shielding your business during or after hours from unwanted traffic is a great way to keep your property safe for your employees and patrons. As an added bonus, installing security gates could save you money on commercial insurance premiums because you’re limiting the risk of losses occurring. But remember, even if an insurance policy covers losses, damage to property can cause issues for productivity and customers. Learn more about Vortex’s security gates and maintenance here