mantrap door Mantrap door systems are specialized doors used primarily for security purposes. Basically is is a small, enclosed vestibule with two sets of interlocking doors. Typically, one door cannot be opened without the other being shut or locked.


The main purpose of a mantrap door is security. These types of doors have actually been in existence for quite some time, dating back to the middle ages. Visitors would enter into a gated space through one door while their were credentials were reviewed prior to gaining access to the main area. While the concept pretty much holds true to this day, the technology has obviously improved.

Another purpose of a mantrap door is to create a “clean room”. This applies to companies in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and other industries that deal with chemicals. This is to ensure that any harmful materials do not exit the restricted area.

Types of Authorization

Today, we don’t need an armored guard to check credentials, even though in some instances it is still used. Technology has provided mantrap systems with authorization access tools such as swipe cards, retina scans, and even more advanced techniques.

The vast majority of corporations and businesses use some form of swipe or key card entry. They are simple, secure, and quite a bit less pricey than something like a retina scan. Your business probably won’t need quite that level of sophistication unless you have highly classified information or are in need of a “clean room”.

Everyday Life

Want to see an example of a mantrap door in real life? They are a lot more common than you think. Head over to your local bank and witness one first hand. You’ll notice that you have to enter through two sets of doors before actually stepping into the bank.

In fact, a lot of banks place ATMs inside the first set of doors. During the off-hours you are required to swipe your debit card and provide your pin in order to gain access to the ATM. The interior set of doors are locked during these off-hours.

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons