You might not realize it but installing automatic doors in the front of your grocery store or business actually has several different benefits. Not only can installing automatic doors improve the public’s overall perception of your business, but the doors are typically a lot more convenient for both your customers and your employees.

Energy Savings

If you’re concerned about the energy efficiency of your store, installing automatic doors might be a good option for you. Because they open and close when triggered, you don’t have to worry about the heat or cold air escaping your store because someone inadvertently left the door open. Also, the tight secure seals surrounding automatic doors work as kind of an airlock — they keep the warm and cool air inside without letting unnecessary drafts inside.


Automatic doors make getting in and out of your store a lot easier, especially for employees corralling carts from the parking lot. Also, guests who are toting children, strollers, and several bags will appreciate not having to open large metal doors as they come and go from your business. Additionally, when deciding whether or not to install automatic doors, you need to consider the amount of foot traffic your store gets. Any place with large volumes of traffic on a regular basis benefits from installing automatic doors. When they open and close automatically, it keeps traffic moving, preventing a crowd from gathering around the door.

Safety and Control

Automatic doors help lower your store’s safety risks and give you more control. Because the doors automatically trigger, you don’t need to worry about the door slamming shut on a child’s fingers or hitting someone accidentally. Instead, they slide safely to the side, preventing unnecessary injuries. Also, they are easy to turn on and off, letting you control access to your store. At closing time, your employees only shut the doors off to keep guests from entering your shop.

While the decision to install automatic doors is up to you, the benefits outweigh the risks. Keep people safe, make your store more accessible, and conserve energy by installing automatic doors.

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