Doors with access controls are supposed to make businesses more secure, but this isn’t always the case. In theory, these doors are designed to ensure only those with a code or card can get in. However, hacking such systems is often as easy as picking up a dropped ID card or watching an employee enter a code on the keypad. Knowing your system’s vulnerabilities is the first step to making it more secure. Here are three ways your system can be hacked:

Crimes Of Opportunity

Sometimes hacking a system is a matter of patience. A visitor can steal a card from a desk, and someone who wants to gain access to a building can slip in behind an authorized employee. People who want access to your business, or just the information within, are willing to bide their time and wait for that moment of vulnerability. Business owners can reduce the chance of these security breaches by upgrading systems or training employees on best practices, such as staying vigilant about letting others in behind them.

Interfering With The Physical System

Electronic security systems are better than a plain lock and key, but they also have a glaring vulnerability: they depend on power. Security cameras can be rendered useless with a snip of a wire. To guard against this, business owners can set systems to run with backup generators, but this is an extra expense and still leaves a few moments between the power shutting off and the backup generator coming online that hackers can exploit.

Remotely Hacking Into The Business’ Network

Businesses that deal with financial or personal information are potential targets for hackers who want to gain access to and sell or exploit data. Potential hackers can discover plenty about getting into Wi-Fi systems or secured servers by doing a quick search on the web, some of which provide step-by-step instructions on how to crack digital systems.

Hackers are always discovering new ways to gain access to buildings or networks, businesses should also have a plan in place to respond to a breach quickly.

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