Installing a security gate is one of the best options to prevent unauthorized entry at a commercial property during off-business hours. Gates come in an array of styles, including swing gates, barrier gates, lift gates, and slide gates. High-traffic areas can benefit from an automatic gate, while small businesses might save money with a padlocked design.

Keeping company property secure and protected against vandalism, intruders, and theft is a priority for any business. Even if an insurance policy covers losses, damage can derail productivity or cause issues for customers. Here are four ways the right gate can benefit a company:

Creates Limited Access Points

With a security gate, businesses can set up a guard station or install a keypad to prevent unauthorized individuals from coming onto the property. By having a single-entry gate with only one way in and out of the property, staff can more easily monitor when guests come and go, while preventing solicitors from interrupting work.

Increases Property Values

Gates add value to a commercial property and can provide an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of buildings. Studies show that installing a security gate can increase property value by as much as 5% creating a substantial return on this investment in security and safety.

Provides Around-The-Clock Security

Unless businesses are open 24 hours a day, there are times when property is likely left unattended. A tall gate wards off intruders and can keep heavy equipment and other outdoor assets secure from curious passersby. It can also safeguard against vandalism or litter to keep lawns and building exteriors looking clean and professional.

Deters Trespassers

A physical gate creates a barrier that can deter trespassing or theft on the property. When coupled with an alarm, a security gate can slow down an intruder, allowing law enforcement to react in time to stop a theft or catch the culprit. In even more positive outcomes, the gate deters entry to such a degree that the would-be trespasser moves on to different options.

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