smoke curtain Smoke curtains contain and control the spread of smoke. During a fire, more people die from smoke inhalation than burns. Smoke also causes more damage. It obstructs people’s vision as well, making it harder for them to exit and harder for firefighters to locate and extinguish the flames. Installing them is the ideal solution, for both your building and staff.

How They Work

Smoke curtains are made from glass fiber filaments capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 600°F. They do not decompose, shrink, stretch, or fade. They are also extremely malleable and can be folded away out of sight until activated. When they’re installed, they’re connected to your building’s fire system and deploy automatically during an emergency.

Though there are four types of smoke curtains, their purpose is the same. They create a physical barrier that stops smoke from spreading to other parts of your building, where it can endanger the lives of visitors and staff. Despite this, smoke curtains are not interchangeable. Each one works together to create a safer environment.

  • Elevator Smoke Curtains. During a fire, elevator shafts act like chimneys, allowing smoke to travel between floors. Elevator curtains cover elevator doors, in order to keep fumes from seeping out into each level.
  • Vertical Smoke Curtains. Smoke spreads quickly through large, open space. Vertical curtains let you segment your building, cutting off smoky rooms before they can threaten people in other areas.
  • Draft Smoke Curtains. Commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing centers, and rooms with high ceilings, draft curtains don’t contain smoke. Instead, they funnel it towards venting and exhaust systems.
  • Perimeter Smoke Curtains. Malls and convention centers use open floor plans to help visitors move quickly between attractions. But these same plans also make it difficult to control the space during a fire. Perimeter curtains seal off these areas, creating an independent barrier in places without walls or corner posts.

Installing Smoke Curtains in Your Building

Vortex understands every business is unique and requires a unique solution to keep it safe. We evaluate the spaces within your building, in order to identify vulnerable points where smoke curtains will make the biggest impact. And with so many convenient service locations, you can be guaranteed rapid and expert support. Contact us today for a free quote!