Orem, UtahDoors in businesses throughout the Orem, Utah, area see a great deal of use each day from both customers and employees. Some doors are put under great mechanical strain while others, such as garage and dock doors, have electrical components that may malfunction with no warning. Every business should have a professional service they can trust to repair or even replace any of their commercial doors. Vortex, with its new location in Orem, Utah, is an excellent choice because local businesses will find that there is a level of trust and commitment with the company that they cannot find elsewhere.

Maintenance Plan

Even when your commercial doors seem to be working well, you will still want to choose an experienced repair service that offers a maintenance plan. All doors should be inspected thoroughly at least twice a year or more often for frequently used doors. The hardware, such as hinges, door closers, doorstops, pivots, handles, springs and rollers, as well as any electrical parts should be checked for malfunction or for basic wear and tear that must be repaired. In addition, your business should find a company that services all doors, including sliding doors, garage and dock doors, roll-up or overhead doors, glass, wood and metal doors. A great maintenance plan can save you on costly emergency repairs later and can be done at your convenience.

High Safety Standards

A professional door repair company should have a high commitment to integrity and safety in all of its work. Each employee should look professional and receive ongoing safety training in necessary techniques associated with door repair, including welding, torch use, loading and ladder safety. In addition to demonstrating safety, the technician should also properly greet customers and provide them with excellent customer service.

Stellar Employees

Most importantly, however, you must be completely pleased with the employees who service your doors. Although each business’s standards may be slightly different, you will want to find repair personnel who are honest, reputable and dependable. Their work should be done with care and precision, and they should never cut corners. You will feel more comfortable working with friendly, personable individuals as well. A reputable professional door repair service with years of experience can keep you and your employees and customers safe and save you on future costly repairs and door replacement.

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Image Source: Wikipendia