. what is a bifold door A bifold door is an alternative design to a single tilt up door that can save space and provides clear access to your facility. So, what exactly is a bifold door?

A bifold door consists of two panels that move upward to clear the opening and create a canopy when fully open. The compact design leaves the entryway completely open without requiring any additional space. As a result, it can be almost as wide as the building without requiring the owner to enlarge their facility or remove pipes, vents, and beams from the roof.

Bifold Door Applications

Because of their simple design, bifold doors are one of the most flexible solutions on the market. They can be made to fit openings of practically any size. 

Commercial bifold doors are commonly found in shops, restaurants, auditoriums, and aircraft hangars. They not only allow customers to move freely in and out of the building, they also create spectacular views. Not to mention, opening up the space lets in more fresh air and natural light, making it more pleasant and inviting. In fact, installing bifold doors is one of the fastest, easiest, and affordable ways to boost your curb appeal.

While commercial bifold doors are normally made from glass, industrial bifold doors are normally made from steel or aluminum. Though windows can be installed, industrial bifold doors are designed first for strength and security. Their heavy duty construction makes them an ideal choice for barns, airplane hangars, and marine storage facilities.

Industrial bifold doors normally contain two panels that are strong enough to withstand extreme weather but light enough to open smoothly. Most are controlled electronically. They provide a solid barrier against the elements, pests, and burglars. At the same time, they ensure anything stored inside is completely protected while also remaining accessible to their owners.

Installing Bifold Doors in Your Business

Vortex Doors can install and repair bifold doors of any size in any building. Our years of experience guarantee we can perform the job quickly. Sturdy construction ensures these doors last for years, even in harsh environments, with regular maintenance. Contact us today for a free estimate!