Signs You Need Security Shutters Every business needs strong security measures. Without them, you’re vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Unless steps are taken, losses from burglaries and break-ins can cripple your business. Security shutters don’t only safeguard your business. In some cases, they deter burglaries altogether. If you’re looking for new ways to keep your store safe, here are a few signs security shutters may be the right choice.

You’ve Been a Victim of Theft

Crime is an unfortunate fact of life. Criminals can strike at any time, often unexpectedly. But they don’t strike randomly. They target vulnerable businesses, generally ones without visible security measures.

If your business has been attacked, it’s a sign your current security isn’t strong enough. In this regard, security shutters are doubly advantageous. They prevent unlawful entry and tell criminals your business is well-protected, discouraging future break-ins.

Neighboring Businesses Have Been Victims of Theft

Sadly, if a nearby business becomes the victim of crime, it raises the likelihood you’ll be victimized as well. In such circumstances, it’s always wise to take precautions against theft.

You Have High-Value Merchandise on Display

Smash and grab robberies have become increasingly common in recent years. Instead of trying to force their way in through the door, burglars break the windows and steal whatever you have on display.

Security shutters offer almost complete protection from smash and grab robbery. Constructed from reinforced aluminum, they’re impervious to common burglary tools such as sledgehammers, crowbars, and bolt cutters. 

Because criminals know shuttered buildings are empty, many businesses prefer to invest in aluminum curtains, which cover their windows entirely, in order to prevent people from casing their location after hours.

Others prefer to use grilles. Grilles are just as durable, but don’t restrict visibility or ventilation ‒ an important feature for businesses that want to protect their merchandise without cutting it off from public view. 

Your Business Does Not Have a Front Door

Typical storefronts have one or two entrances. However, certain types do not. They are entirely open to the public. Generally, these types of stores are found in malls, airports, hotels, and other buildings designed to house multiple businesses. 

However, even though these shops are housed inside secure locations that restrict access after hours, they still need to deter intruders. To this end, modern security shutters are an ideal solution. They’re inexpensive, comprehensive, and unobtrusive.

What’s more, they can be installed without diminishing your curb appeal. During business hours, they can be folded up, completely out of sight, but ready whenever you need them.

You Sense a Threat

Because they work closely with customers, managers and business owners generally have a good understanding of their environment. In many cases, they perceive threats before they develop. If you sense a shift in your surroundings, even if you can’t say exactly what, it may be time to beef up your security.