Keeping your dock leveler clean and tidy is essential to the overall functionality of the dock leveler and the safety of those  using it. The accumulation of debris under your dock leveler can lead to hazardous working conditions and could ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan of your equipment. Oftentimes it is easy to ignore the maintenance of your dock leveler as the issues are concealed from sight, but it is an important maintenance task that should not be overlooked. 

Reasons To Keep Your Dock Leveler Clean

  • Debris underneath your dock leveler can obstruct proper drainage and hold moisture which can cause your leveler sub frame to prematurely rust or corrode. 
  • Debris that collects beneath the dock leveler can cause the moving mechanisms to not operate properly which can be problematic from both a functionality and safety standpoint. 
  • The debris that collects beneath the dock leveler can attract unwanted pests and rodents causing bigger issues down the line. 

The Solution 

With all maintenance and repair work done on dock levelers, Vortex Doors includes complimentary cleaning underneath the leveler itself. This helps keep your dock leveler functioning properly. It also protects your employees from avoidable injuries, creating a safer working environment. 

Contact us and let our team of highly trained professionals assess your dock leveler and any maintenance it may require. Request your free estimate here or contact us at 800-698-6783.