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A Short Guide to Building Security

March 26, 2024 | Commercial Doors
A Short Guide to Building Security
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With break-ins rising across the country, building security has become top priority for businesses. Don’t fall victim to burglary. Follow these tips to keep your building safe from intruders, thieves, and vandals.

Install Access Control Systems

Access control systems restrict entry on certain doorways. They provide free movement to staff and authorized visitors, while preventing outsiders from entering dangerous or sensitive areas. These systems are keyless. Each user is issued a fob or keycard digitally encoded with their credentials. This eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys, which could be used to enter your building without permission.

Instead, misplaced cards or fobs can be deactivated remotely, reducing gaps in your security. What’s more, employees can be quickly added or deleted from the system or have their status upgraded, granting them access to new areas with a few keystrokes ‒ for tighter control over every part of your business.

Add Gates, Grilles, Walls, and Fencing

Physical barriers shield you from break-ins. Though often installed on glass storefronts, gates and grills have a wide range of applications. They are custom fit to protect parking garages, warehouses, schools, government facilities, as well as commercial office complexes. 

Set Up Surveillance Cameras

Cameras not only help police track down and arrest criminals. They can actually help them from attacking your business in the first place. Install them at the major entry points of your building and make sure they’re clearly visible to passersby. It’s also a good idea to put out a sign letting everyone know your property is under surveillance. Few criminals will risk breaking into a building if they know they’re being recorded.

Keep Your Building Well-Lit

Bright lights provide clear pictures for your camera system. They eliminate shadows in nooks and crannies, where burglars love to hide. Besides lighting your entryways, make sure your loading docks, break areas, and parking lots are covered as well. They’re some of the most popular ways for burglars to sneak onto your property.

Maintain Your Landscape

Trees and bushes are beautiful, but also make it easier for people to approach your business undetected. Eliminating overgrowth preserves your property’s natural appeal while removing potential hiding spots around your building.

Improving Building Security

Threats are always evolving, but so are we. Vortex Doors employs the latest technology and materials to strengthen your doorways and control access to your building. Our teams work fast, designing and implementing solutions that stop burglars dead in their tracks. Contact us today to upgrade your building security and make your business as safe as possible.

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