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Boarding Up Your Restaurant’s Entrance

May 28, 2014 | Security & Safety

Board UpAs a restaurant owner the quality of your food and cleanliness of your space are typically your main concerns. Among other things you worry about are the customer service, inventory, condition of your appliances, and condition of your restaurant’s furniture and decor.

One thing that might not be on your mind, is the entrance and windows to your restaurant. Other than standard, routine maintenance of them, they can quickly fall out of mind. Until an emergency happens.

Whether it is a brick through the window, a storm that damages your entrance, or a freak accident that no one can see coming; it’s a disaster.

Your first reaction might be to panic and rightfully so. Our suggestion, however, is to pick up the phone and call 800-698-6783. Our teams are standing by for situations just like this.

We respond as quickly as possible, usually within two hours. Our service centers located throughout the Southwest and Western Coast are stocked with board up equipment so that you’re not left with a hole in your entrance. We can often provide certain types of glass depending on your needs and wishes.

Once contacted, you can expect the following steps to take place:

  1. Upon arrival we will board up the damaged area
  2. Take measurements
  3. Initiate repairs and replacement as quickly as possible

Even in the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado or earthquake, you can contact us to help remedy your situation and assist you in disaster preparedness.

Our goal is to put your restaurant back together quickly, so that you can get on with serving customers with delicious food.

For more information about emergency board ups, contact Vortex Doors or give us a call at 800-698-6783.

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