The entrance to a business is the first impression customers have and also the first line of defense against theft or vandalism. Unfortunately, the doors of many companies are often neglected or damaged, which can have consequences business owner do not want. Costly steel or glass door repair can be avoided if you take a few things into account.

There are several avoidable things that property owners do that damage their doors. Proper and timely preventative maintenance can keep the business entrance looking fresh and enticing, as well as protecting the storefront and keep energy costs in line. Here are some ways that businesses damage the doors on their property, and how to avoid causing further damage in the future.

Foreign Objects in the Way

Planters and decorative pots make an entryway look fresh and inviting. When placed correctly shrubbery displays bring attention to a storefront and make it look unique. Be careful when setting outdoor decor near the entrance – a loose door may swing into it and break the pot or damage the door. Instead, test the door with a few careful swings before finding a final place for plants and displays. This is especially important in the case of glass doors. Cracked or shattered glass doors will inevitably lead to glass door repair.

Narrow Entrances

Small, narrow or recessed entrances do not provide doors a lot of room to swing. For businesses that are off the sidewalk, consider installing a door bumper on the outside walls. The door will gently bounce off the outer wall. This is particularly imperative when installing commercial glass doors. Avoid glass door repair by ensuring that your glass door edges won’t chip or crack. Installing pneumatic door closures will also allow the door to shut gently, instead of swing, which will help prevent foot traffic from opening or closing the door.

Misaligned Doors

Doors that are hung off-center will become damaged over time. The doors can stick in the door frame and may become chipped. Periodic checks and maintenance inspections will help make sure it remains hanging correctly.

Neglecting Weather Stripping

The rubber weather seal around outside doors protects the frame from weather and moisture buildup. It also ensures a tight door closure. Over time, however, this seal can become loose or cracked. Part of proper preventative maintenance on doors includes checking the condition of the weather stripping, adhesion, and replacing it when needed. Good seals on exterior doors help keep the temperature regulated inside, saving the business money on heating and cooling.

There are several ways that businesses inadvertently damage their exterior doors. Fortunately, the ones mentioned above can be avoided with proper care, preventative maintenance, and a little caution.

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