Winter conditions can cause a number of problems for a business’s exterior doors. The doors can become hard to close, or they can start to make noise. Here are three common problems commercial doors experience during the winter and how they can be fixed.

Loose Hinge Screws

Snow and ice can build up on the door and frame. This buildup can put pressure on the hinges when the door closes and can force the screws to come loose.

Torn Weather Stripping

Weather stripping, typically made out of rubber, can dry out and crack as it ages and in the winter time. These tears can result in cold air leaking indoors and cause issues with your building’s energy usage. In some situations, the weather stripping at the bottom of the door can freeze to the metal plate beneath it, known as the sill. When someone opens the door, the weather stripping will tear off completely.

Dried Out Lubrication

In the winter the oil lubricating your door hinges can dry out which will cause the door to squeak, potentially distracting employees and causing disruptions. In order to stop the squeaking, coat the door pins and hinges with silicone or graphite.

If your business has a rolling or sliding door, the lubrication on the tracks can also dry out or become unevenly distributed, which can cause the door to stop functioning. Applying lubricant to the tracks and pulleys can help fix the problem, but for commercial doors, calling a professional door technician is more effective.

In the winter, you want your doors to work properly and to create an airtight seal. If your doors are in disrepair, it can cause your utility bills to rise, and it can slow down your business’s operations. To prevent these problems, make sure to have your doors maintained throughout the year and have them repaired quickly when these issues arise.

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