All businesses, no matter the industry, are vulnerable to break-ins from intruders. Having a way to secure various building entrances keeps employees, inventory and other valuables safe from theft or harm. Here’s an overview on the most common types of locks and ways business owners can upgrade their existing security to a higher level of protection:

Types Of Locks

Traditional lock-and-key doors are inexpensive and easy to install, but they provide minimal security. Lockpickers and intruders can easily use small tools or brute force to break open a door, which puts businesses and employees at risk.

A step above these traditional barriers are electronic locks. Keypad controls, card readers, automatic timed locks and remote transmitters are a few examples of electronic locks that provide an extra level of security for a business. Most electronic locks fall under two categories:

• Fail-safe: the door automatically unlocks during power failures, allowing those inside to exit safely if necessary
• Fail-secure: the door automatically locks during power failures, which means people can’t enter or exit the building for added security

Entrances that have different types of electrical locks keep your business more secure. Any attempted forced entry requires a rewiring of the system, and this is too time consuming for most intruders.

Implementing Increased Door Security

Digital locks let business owners implement higher levels of security, keeping out both criminals and pedestrians. Card readers let employers limit building access to those who have been issued a card; because cards can be stolen or misplaced, a keypad entrance might be preferred.

Boosting Entrance Security With Lights & Cameras

Installing motion-detector lights can help increase visibility at entrance areas, perhaps deterring a potential intruder. Brightly lit entrances certainly don’t invite criminals to hang around trying to bypass challenging locks.
Security cameras can record footage of entrances and automatically store it on a hard drive. Business owners can later review and evaluate the footage or use it for investigation purposes should intruders get past door locks.

Having a multi-faceted security system helps keep commercial buildings safer. It ensures employees are safe and it keeps valuable items secure when the building is unoccupied.

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