Access Control

With over 80 years of experience in the commercial door industry, Vortex Doors also specializes in both IP Based Access Control Systems as well as Traditional Access Control Systems. Whether you require a system for a few doors or a larger complex involving multiple buildings, Vortex can provide the right access control system for your project.

Schedule an appointment or give us a call so we can assess your specific needs. From there we will create a customized recommendation for your project. At Vortex, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and ensuring every interaction with our customers leaves them happy.

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Types of Access Control Systems Offered by Vortex

Access Control Systems

Over the years, and with technological advancements in the industry, access control systems have evolved. Due to their efficiency and other convenient features, IP Based Access Control systems have quickly risen in popularity. More traditional systems (i.e. digital keypads, key fobs, etc.) may still be the best solution, depending on the specific needs of your project.

Vortex Doors can assist with any type of access control system you need:

  • Remote Transmitters for Doors and Gates
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Keypad Controls
  • Proximity Readers
  • Card Readers
  • Key Fobs
  • Automatic Timed Locking
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Gate Boxes and Loop Detectors
  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Types of IP Based Access Control Systems

Access Control IP

Electronic door access controls are available to create security systems that fit your requirements. They are highly customizable and are able to handle a multitude of security needs. They are also a necessary security feature to be able to provide authorized access to secure areas of buildings to keep employees safe.

An IP-based access control system differs from a traditional system in that it operates via your LAN/WAN connection. It also offers the ability to provide electronic access to specific users utilizing a backend database. In addition, they are typically easy to expand upon, building up to a network of 50 or more doors if need be without the need for rewiring.

Reasons To Use IP Based Access Control Systems:

  • Easily Expandable Systems: IP-based access controllers allow you to implement and expand security systems. In essence, they help create a grid that allows the access control system of doors to operate using your current communication lines.
  • Efficient Management: One added benefit to an IP-based access control solution is that it contains embedded software which allows for real-time monitoring via a web browser or PC software. In addition, both the web browser portal and PC software allow for efficient user management.
  • Flexible Scheduling: These management systems allow for access both through software or a web browser so it’s easy to schedule custom events. A change in hours, specific weekend access, or even holidays that may require an alternative schedule are all easily managed using the software system.
  • Multiple Credential Modes: These systems have multiple credential modes making it flexible for a variety of access options. You can utilize a card only system, a PIN only system, or a combination of the two.


Biometrics access control systems have grown in popularity as technology has progressed. Unlike traditional systems that rely on key fobs or cards or passwords, biometric systems rely on the person themselves. These systems are highly efficient since they don’t require items like cards which can be lost, or passwords, which can be forgotten.

A biometric access control system utilizes a reader or scanning device that collects the required data from a person. For example, a fingerprint biometric scanner produces an image of ridge structures on a fingertip which is linked to the access control system. These types of systems are highly secure as each piece of access data is highly personalized and unique.

Traditional Access Control Systems

Access Control Traditional

Traditional access control systems are perhaps the most common and most prevalent. Any system that utilizes a key fob or access card is generally known as a Traditional Access Control System.

Key Pads

  • Stand Alone Keypads: These operate using a main code that acts as a master for all entrants.
  • Integrated Digital Keypads: Integrated systems operate using unique codes that are assigned to users and linked to a more complex access control system to monitor and keep track of users.
  • Outdoor Digital Keypads: Outdoor systems ensure that access control systems placed outside are durable and protected enough from the elements they experience outdoors.

Proximity Readers

  • Proximity Cards: These are also known as “key cards” and operate by communicating in low frequencies with the access control system to unlock and monitor entry/exit.
  • Proximity Key Fobs: These act similarly to proximity cards in that they operate using low frequencies to help the user gain access. The main differentiator is their shape.

Whether an IP-based access control system or a traditional access control system is the right solution for you, Vortex Doors can assist. Contact our highly experienced team today and we’ll provide a free estimate.

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