door leaf A door leaf is the large, swinging panel affixed to the doorframe ‒ what most people think of when they picture a door. Door leaves are the most critical part of the door assembly, which also includes the frame, hinges, latch, and handle. Though some are made from a single, solid piece of wood or steel, some door leaves contain a number of smaller panels, such as:

  • Rails. Horizontal segments stretching across the top, bottom, or middle of a door leaf.
  • Stiles. Vertical segments running from the top of the door to the bottom. The hinge stile is the one attached to the hinges, while the lock stile contains the latch and handle.
  • Panel. The sections between the rails and stiles.
  • Mullion. A vertical beam in the center of the door leaf that separates two panels.
  • Glazing. Glass windows installed in the door leaf.

Types of Door Leaves

Door leaves can be used in several different configurations, in order to accommodate a wide range of needs. Single leaf doors are the most common variant. Made from a single panel, they’re a familiar sight in homes and offices.

Double leaf doors, also referred to as double doors, contain two leaves. The one with the latch is known as the active leaf, while the other is the inactive leaf. Owners can install a bolt on the inactive leaf that fits into the floor or jamb, in order to make a double leaf door function as a single leaf door.

Folding or bifold doors can have multiple leaves, joined together by hinges. There is no real limit to the number of leaves a side-folding door can have. Sliding doors can also contain multiple panels, sometimes as many as twelve, though two to four is standard. In a sliding door, the leaves are divided between moving leaves and static leaves, and the door can have several of each.

Installing or Repairing Door Leaves in Your Business

Vortex installs, repairs, and upgrades door leaves for a wide range of businesses. Whether you need a new door or help replacing an old one, our team has the right solution. We work with all types of doors and all types of material ‒ wood, steel, aluminum, glass ‒ in order to ensure your doors are configured to your business requirements and strong enough to withstand everyday use. So don’t wait. Contact us today!