Insulated doors are ideal for climate control because they reduce air leakage, or heat flow. This is especially important in facilities where equipment or products can be compromised by extreme temperatures.

Some of the common features of insulated doors include foam-filled urethane slats designed with a steel backing. These doors are also commonly manufactured with guided weather stripping and a hood baffle to prevent the movement of air. Each insulated door has a U-factor, which is a measure of heat loss. The lower the U-factor, the less heat is lost. A quality insulated door will have an extremely low U-factor of 0.185.

A few of the best doors for climate control include the following:

1. Advanced Performance Overhead Doors

Advanced Performance overhead doors provide top-of-the-line performance and meet stringent climate requirements.

2. Sectional Steel Doors

Sectional steel doors are also a great option for climate control in commercial environments. Their functionality is not as specialized as the advanced sectional doors, but they do assist business owners with addressing climate control issues. They are available based on the climate needs of operational facilities.

3. Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are available in stainless steel, interlocking steel, and aluminum curtains. They are designed to comply with strict energy compliance codes and are known for significantly decreasing air infiltration by as much as 95 percent. They also offer thermal resistance, are energy efficient, and reduce air leakage.

4. Energy Efficiency

Not only do insulated doors assist with climate control, but they also enhance energy efficiency at commercial facilities. Doors vary in their energy efficiency, but one strong indicator is the R-value. The R-value measures the thermal resistance for the insulation material. Like the U-factor, it acts as an indicator of how quickly a facility will lose heat. The higher the value, the more slowly heat will be lost.

Insulated doors typically have an R-value between R-3 and R-6. The R-6 models provide the greatest insulation. When the insulating material resists heat flow, the facility maintains its internal temperature and reduces the need for central heating. This results in lower heating costs and a greener workplace.

5. Insulated Doors Are Always a Good Investment

Insulated doors can improve your commercial operations by ensuring a more comfortable indoor climate, protecting your assets, and preserving the environment. Be sure to invest in the type of door with an appropriate U-factor and R-value for your needs.

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