Out with the old, in with the new. Our Dallas Service Center technicians recently completed an installation of a bi-folding, frameless glass door system in place of the client’s old scissor gate. This upgrade is not only nice on the eyes but also quite secure.

Frameless glass doors are the most aesthetically pleasing entrance doors you can install in your business. The frameless door system comes with a variety of opening and closing hardware to customize the entire front entrance. More features:

  • Glass size 1/4-inch to 1-inch thickness
  • Multiple styles of locking hardware
  • Brass, chrome, bronze and other finishes for top and bottom rails
  • Selection of stylish handles
  • Floor closer repair and replacement
  • Panic bar options available to modify doors to be an emergency exit
  • Refurbish bottom and top rails to secure onto the glass and avoid replacement

Our Dallas Service Center isn’t the only location installing fresh frameless glass door solutions with an eye on your ROI. Request your free estimate here or contact us at 800-698-6783, today!