Efficiency is an integral part of any successful business. Wasted time means wasted money. Our Vortex Houston Service Center recently helped a local business become more efficient, helping save them time and money.

Commercial roll up doors are the perfect solution for most receiving docks. They provide easy access and allow for large deliveries when a typical doorway just won’t do.

But what happens when you go through all the effort to open a large commercial roll up door for a small delivery? Well for one it’s a waste of time. But it’s also a lot of excess wear and tear on a commercial roll up door. If a good portion of your deliveries are smaller and do not require a roll up door, it makes sense to consider installing a Wicket Door.

Wicket Doors, also referred to as Pilot Doors, are a great solution for easy accessibility for rear access to a warehouse or receiving areas. They allow the building to be secured with the commercial roll up door and are ideal for receiving small deliveries rather than using the hand chain to open the large roll up door.

That’s just what our client in Houston decided made the most sense for their business. We successfully installed a Wicket Door, to alleviate the cumbersome work of using the chain to roll up the larger door to receive smaller deliveries.

This type of project can typically be applied in most applications in one to two days. If you are using forklifts or heavy equipment for large deliveries, we’ll find an alternative solution for you since the Wicket Door is stationary and cuts down on your overall door opening.

The installation of this Wicket Door not only provides an easier way to receive everyday deliveries, but will also increase the longevity of the larger commercial roll up door.