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How to Clean a Wood Door in an Office Building

March 5, 2024 | Commercial Doors

How to Clean a Wood DoorWhen well maintained, wood doors can last a lifetime. Wooden office doors require particular care because they’re used constantly throughout the day. Stains, smudges, and fingerprints can quickly ruin their façade, but knowing how to clean a wood door will restore their refined and professional appearance. Whether it’s a layer of dust or deep-rooted stains, follow the steps below to keep your doors looking their best.

Sanitize the Fixtures

Handles are the most-used part of your door and the only one that ought to be cleaned every day. It takes only a few seconds. Wipe it down with a sanitary cloth, vinegar solution, or all-purpose cleaner, then dry it off with a paper towel or clean rag. If your business receives a lot of foot traffic, it may be necessary to clean the handle more than once a day. Sanitizing your door handles is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs in your workplace.

Other fixtures, such as kick plates and door hinges, are less of a concern and should only be cleaned whenever the rest of the door needs it as well. Kick plates can be cleaned with vinegar and all-purpose cleaners. For a bright sheen, metal plates should be polished with a 50/50 mixture of olive oil and vinegar. Furniture polish or WD-40 are effective as well.

The same techniques also apply to your hinges, though a toothbrush might be more effective than a rag at cleaning out the crevices. Make sure to dry them thoroughly when you’re done. If the hinges squeak, a few drops of WD-40 will solve the problem.


Like every other part of your building, doors accumulate dust. Depending on their location, you may need to dust them every week or every other week to keep them free of dirt and cobwebs. The top and sides tend to be the dirtiest. If it won’t come off with a simple duster, wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you can’t reach the top of the door, and don’t have a step ladder, a vacuum cleaner is an effective solution.

Use Soap and Water

Soap and water will get rid of most spots on the door’s surface. These tend to be most prominent around the door handle and bottom rail, the places people push when going in and out. Ordinary dish soap will remove most scuff marks and handprints. Add a small amount to a bowl of warm water or mix them together in a spray bottle. Oil soap works even better. It’s designed specifically for wooden surfaces and is available at most hardware stores.

Once the cleaning solution is ready, soak a soft rag or sponge and gently scrub until the dirt is gone. Avoid abrasive cleaning products as they might damage the door’s color, varnish, or texture. Go with the grain in order to work the soap into all the small spaces on the door’s surface. Dry with a clean towel, going with the grain to ensure all the water gets soaked up.

Steam Clean

Steam cleaning lets you wash away stubborn spots and stains. Apply a few dabs of soap to the bristles, then run the steamer up and down the door, going with the grain as much as possible. Dry thoroughly when you’re done. If the door is still damp after wiping it down, set up a box fan to circulate air and speed up evaporation.


Doors that are used often will eventually lose their sheen, even if you clean them regularly. Restaining restores their natural luster. Choose a stain made specifically for interior doors. If the door has been varnished, you may need to have it sanded away before applying the stain.

Choosing Wood Doors for Your Office

Vortex installs and repairs wood doors in every shape, size, and style imaginable. Whether you need a standard wood door or a custom one, our team can craft the right solution for your business. Contact us today for a free quote!

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