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How Much Clearance Do You Need for a Low Headroom Roll Up Door?

July 12, 2023 | Commercial Doors

Sectional doors are durable, versatile, and convenient. But because they slide back horizontally along the ceiling, they also require a lot of space. The available backroom has to be at least equal to the height of the door itself. Roll up doors, on the other hand, are far more compact. They’re made from a series of interlocking slats that coil around a drum at the top of the frame when the door is opened. This significantly reduces the amount of space required to operate your doors. However, despite this, even a low headroom roll up door needs a small amount of clearance.

How much depends on the door height and the door width. Tall doors require more headroom. So do insulated doors, which are considerably thicker than ones with a regular steel or aluminum curtain. A standard, 7.5-foot, manually operated commercial roll up door needs at least fifteen inches of headroom. If the door has an automatic opener, it will require at least eighteen inches.

Roll up doors also require a small amount of horizontal headroom, though nowhere near as much as sectional or overhead doors. In order to fit the hood and drum, a 7.5-foot door needs at least seventeen inches of space behind it.

How to Measure Headroom

Headroom is measured from the top of your door to the nearest obstacle. In most cases, this is the ceiling, but lights, pipes, rafters, sprinklers, and air ducts would count as well. Failing to measure properly not only results in wasted time and effort, but also increased costs. You not only have to pay to remove the old door and install a new one, but some companies charge a restocking fee as well.

Ensuring Your Doors Fit

Vortex Doors designs solutions based around your needs. Our technicians work to understand your business and help pick the doors that will keep it running smoothly. We ensure doors are correctly sized, installed, and maintained, so you can be certain you’re getting the best value at the lowest cost. Contact us today to learn more!

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