Project Spotlight: Frameless Glass Solutions For Aerospace Leader

While we’re no rocket engineers, Vortex Doors did have a unique opportunity to work with our valued client in the aerospace industry in Riverside County, CA recently. Aerospace, in general, are leaders in technological and intelligent solutions. This Customer needed a sophisticated pair of glass doors and window system so they could continue to redefine aerospace and boldly step forward. 

We installed a pair of modern doors with sidelights and a 40 foot window system. To continue with the clean aesthetic, we chose ⅜” thick glass with a clear silicone seal between the windows. The finished product looks just as sharp as any spacecraft we’ve seen and we look forward to doing more of these projects for the Aerospace industry in the future.

Frameless glass doors and special windows come with a variety of opening and closing hardware so our customers can customize them based on their needs. Vortex also has years of experience in frameless glass doors and windows if you’re looking to repair, replace or need help with a solution. Contact us today for a free estimate.