Reduce Emergency Repair Costs With Vortex’s Preventative Maintenance Programs

No one wants to discover their door and dock leveler equipment are failing minutes before the biggest delivery of the month is supposed to arrive. Reduce emergency repair costs and provide a safe working environment by using Vortex’s complete Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program for your door and dock equipment.

Our PM Program has proven that early detection of equipment problems can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Other benefits include:

  • Keeps doors working safely, making minor adjustments and testing of equipment
  • Proactively identifies most areas that can cause big problems if unnoticed or undetected in routine inspections
  • Alleviates the temptation and dangers of DIY repairs
  • Free estimates of repairs to restore safe operation

Maintaining commercial doors and dock equipment ensures they stay open and operating properly and safely without inconveniencing customers, employees or deliveries. We recommend a service call every six months but we can also create a customized schedule depending on how often the doors and equipment are used. We also offer customized programs to meet your budget.

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