Safety First: Bridging the Gap Between Dock Leveler Equipment and Maintenance

Much like we need the bridge we drive over to be secure and maintained, we need dock levelers and dock equipment to operate properly to ensure the safety of employees and meet OSHA standards. Companies that ship and receive products not only need to have the right equipment and levelers, but also need to keep them maintained and clean. 

How to maintain equipment, keep doors closed, seal dock leveler gaps and require lock-landing gear.

Managing dock leveler safety can be a difficult task because people, vehicles and material are constantly in motion.

Keep debris clear from underneath the dock leveler to be sure there’s drainage moisture doesn’t build up, moving mechanisms operate properly and unwanted pests stay away.

Whether you use a five ton forklift or a hand truck, contact Vortex Doors and our knowledgeable team can help you navigate deciding which solution is right for you and your business. Solutions can range from a standard edge of mount to a pit leveler that sits inside a concrete pit. Accessories are also available to allow truck drivers a safe entry to the receiving area such as dock bumpers, dock lights, dock seals, canopies and shelters, hydraulic and manual levelers, and loading dock boards. 

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