Safety tips for roll up doors Roll up doors aren’t a hazard, but they are heavy. Lifting and holding so much steel or aluminum puts a lot of pressure on hinges, springs, and cables. And because these doors are in constant use, they suffer greater wear and tear. It’s obvious, therefore, that safety has to be a top concern for any business owner operating roll up doors.

Roll up doors rarely fail. However, when they do, they can cause serious damage and injury. For the well-being of their staff and business, business owners need to take precautions and lay down clear safety procedures for everyone working around them. In fact, there are at least five every one should follow.

Hire Qualified Technicians

Businesses should always hire a certified technician to install and repair their doors. Their experience and training helps ensure set up is carried out correctly, with all parts secured and operating to factory specifications. They’re also familiar with the common problems these doors encounter and how to prevent them. Larger companies often have their own in-house training facilities, so you can be confident whatever technician they send has the mechanical expertise and hands-on knowledge to complete the job according to the best practices of the industry.

Never Walk Under a Moving Door

Accidents are more likely to happen when a door is moving than at any other time. And if something happens, that door could cause injury or damage to products in its path. So wait until it’s fully opened or fully closed before walking through it.

Use a Side Door

Roll up doors should not be treated as a staff entrance. The fewer people passing underneath, the fewer people will be caught if it fails. For their safety, ask employees to enter and exit through a personnel door instead.

Roll the Door Up All the Way

Roll up doors have a built in counterweight to hold it in place. However, it works best when the door has reached its full height. Opening it part way prevents the system from fully engaging and increases the likelihood of failure.

Keep Door in View

Commercial roll up doors are harder to operate than residential doors. Because they’re constructed from sturdier materials, they’re harder to stop when in motion. In order to prevent accidents, always make sure the operator has a clear view of the door. If they can’t see what’s underneath it, they can’t stop it in time to prevent a mishap.

Install Safety Devices

There are several safety devices available to help ensure your door operates correctly and safely. Whether it is a safety edge to help the door retract if it hits an object or photo eyes to sense something is in the door’s path, there are many options to help maintain safety of your employees, customers, and products.