2000. Y2K happens, George W. Bush defeats Al Gore in the presidential election, Cast Away is in the theaters — and Vortex’s Phoenix Service Center opens its doors. 

With such a monumental year, it’s no wonder we’re excited to celebrate a look back at Tempe’s 20 year anniversary. Servicing Greater Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler, Vortex Doors established itself as the industry expert in commercial and industrial door repair services in the region. 

“Backed by a family-owned brand since 1937, the service center is steeped in tradition and excellent customer service,” said Brian Bailey, Vice President of Vortex Doors. “We’re proud to bring our high quality door services to the Phoenix community.” From ten employees to fifty today, Tempe’s growth and expertise has done just that.

It’s difficult to predict what two more decades will bring to the commercial door industry but the team at the Tempe Service Center are ready for anything. “We have a well seasoned and experienced team to help provide Customers with the most innovative solutions during these changing times,” said Rob Knapp, Regional Director “and with the expansion of two more Service Centers we can spread our services throughout Phoenix and Tucson”.  Rob is part of the original crew that started Vortex in Tempe in 2000.

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