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Vortex Houston Mobilizes for Special, 24 Hour Project

February 16, 2022 | Company News

Regular maintenance keeps your business humming, but can interfere with the day-to-day. How do you keep everything running smoothly without shutting down your operations?

That was the problem confronting NRG Park, one of the largest multipurpose event centers in Houston. Made up of four separate, but equally massive buildings (NRG Center, NRG Arena, NRG Stadium, and NRG Astrodome) capable of accommodating tens of thousands of visitors, NRG Park hosts some of the city’s biggest concerts, exhibitions, trade shows, banquets, and professional sports teams. 

With events booked almost back-to-back, they couldn’t afford to miss a single day or let their doors fail. They had over 2,000 operable wall panels that needed to be inspected and only a 24-hour window when our technicians could enter. 

Fortunately, Vortex has the resources and experience necessary to carry out such large projects on a tight deadline. We mobilized a team of 23 inspectors in 15 trucks. They examined rollers, seals, tracks, track switches, and the overall condition of panels throughout the 350-acre complex in a single day.

These types of inspections are crucial for the well-being of any business, but especially ones that interact with the public. At NRG, a broken door isn’t only an inconvenience. It damages their reputation and might lead to lost business.

Thanks to our team at Vortex Houston, NRG Park was made aware of potential maintenance issues and, with our help, will be able to resolve them before they develop into major problems. They not only saved money in overtime repairs, but helped ensure the smooth running of their business for months and years ahead.

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