Double hollow metal doors in the back receive area help to easily unload inventory and equipment by widening the opening. However, the gap between the doors can allow moisture, bugs, and debris to sneak inside. It also creates a security risk. The gap can make it an entry point to break into your business. But a door astragal seals the gap and provides an additional security barrier. If you’re thinking of installing double doors in your building, it’s worth taking a moment to learn what a door astragal is and why you need one.

What is a Door Astragal?

A door astragal is a vertical strip of steel that covers the clearance gap between the leaves of a double door. 

What is a Split Astragal vs. Overlapping Astragal?

Most astragals are overlapping astragals. The body is attached to the edge of one leaf and extends over the edge of the second. The leaf with the astragal is the active leaf. Because the astragal blocks the second leaf, the active leaf always has to be opened first, which means most traffic will pass through it. In order to take advantage of the full opening, both leaves will need to be opened in sequence ‒ first the active, then the inactive.

Split astragals, on the other hand, are attached to both leaves. They are made with a metal retainer containing a sweep or rubber seal. Because their hardware doesn’t overlap, split astragals don’t create active and inactive leaves. Both leaves can be opened simultaneously.

Installing Astragals on Your Doors

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to intruders or bad weather. Installing door astragals makes your doors as strong as possible. Not sure which astragals will suit you best? Vortex Doors works with you to choose the right hardware. Our speed, responsiveness, and high-quality materials make us the leading choice for commercial door equipment and upgrades. Contact us today to learn more!