Vortex is ready to help you get back to business!

Winter Storm Recovery Efforts

We understand this is a tough time not only at home but also for your business. The winter storm that hit Texas and other parts of the country resulted in blackouts for over 9.7 million and severe property destruction, including commercial doors and hardware.

Our Texas Service Centers and service trucks are now stocked with common parts to help repair damage and correct any issues that occurred from the recent snow and freezing temperatures. Here are a few key items you should monitor:

Seals – We can replace damaged door seals and provide additional seals if needed. 

Locks – If you have locking issues due to freezing temperatures, we are able to provide service and restore operation and security. 

Access – With power outages, timers will need to be reprogrammed on gates and access control systems and fire doors will need to be reset.

You might discover other various problems with doors, locks, parking gates and garages, door springs and hardware that could not sustain the extreme weather conditions we experienced. We are ready and prepared to help you get your operations going so you can focus on your business and not worry about repairs.

Vortex has Service Centers in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston. Our service technicians are ready to help local businesses get back up and running. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.