Electronic Door Access Controls are available to create a security system that fits your requirements. They are manufactured to handle minimum to high-security needs and provide authorized access to secure areas of buildings to keep employees safe. An IP-based access control system offers the ability to provide electronic access to specific users utilizing a backend database. Security Door Controls’s (SDC) IP-Based Access Control options can help you create a secure system that’s completely customized for your needs. Here are four major benefits that set it apart:

1. Easily Expandable Systems

SDC’s IP Pro Line of IP-based access controllers allow you to implement a security system of up to 50 doors. In essence, it creates a grid that allows the access control system of doors to operate using your current communication lines.

2. Efficient Management

One added benefit to an IP-based access control solution is that it contains embedded software which allows for real-time monitoring via a web browser or PC software. In addition, both the web browser portal and PC software allow for efficient user management. For web access, simply login through one of the supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Since the management system allows for access both through software or a web browser, it’s easy to schedule custom events. These could include a change in hours, specific weekend access, or even holidays that may require an alternative schedule.

4. Multiple Credential Modes

The SDC’s IP Pro Line of IP-based access control has multiple credential modes making it flexible for a variety of access options. Whether your system utilizes a card only, PIN only, or a combination of the two, there is an IP-based access control solution right for your business.

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