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Houston Service Center Wicket Door

Efficiency is an integral part of any successful business. Wasted time means wasted money. Our Vortex Houston Service Center recently helped a local business become more efficient, helping save them time and money. Commercial roll up doors are the perfect solution for most receiving docks. They provide easy access and allow for large deliveries when […]

As a successful business owner, you know that the appearance of your building is important to your customers. It is not enough to make the interior look attractive and inviting; the exterior is equally or more important. Your building is probably closed for more hours of the day than it is open, and clients as […]

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Fire doors are critical in a place of business. Not only can they provide you and your employees with the safety necessary in the event of a fire, they can actually slow the progress of the flames, resulting in less structural damage to your property. Like any other products, however, fire doors have an expiration […]

High cycle roll-up doors are the heavy-duty workhorses of commercial doors. Understanding your door and performing proper maintenance are the keys to getting the most out of your investment. With the proper care, these doors can last for years even at the busiest of locations. What Makes a Door “High Cycle?” Built to withstand opening […]

Rolling steel fire doors have long been a key facet of workplace security. In case of fire, these doors, which operate from ceiling to floor, work by sealing off an area where there is smoke and fire, thus preventing it from spreading quickly throughout the building. In addition to helping save lives, rolling steel fire […]