Loading docks make great access points for companies that have warehouses. While these access points are a necessity, they also incur inherent security risks that can leave a company vulnerable to unauthorized entrances and vandalism.

There are many preventative solutions that businesses and commercial properties can employ, including maintaining the security of your warehouse doors, installing a dock leveler seal, and using landing gear.

Maintain Equipment

Broken warehouse doors, weak panels, and broken windows are an invitation to unauthorized entry. Repairs at entry points should be a priority for any business owner, even if the damage seems minimal.

Keep Doors Closed

Employees working in loading docks are notorious for leaving warehouse doors and gates open during hours of operation. An optional portable scissor gate will allow you to keep your door open and secure the area.

Dock Leveler Seals

Dock seals create a barrier for outside elements and people to see inside the warehouse. Some companies have dock leveler seals for sanitary and security reasons. If a truck needs to park in the bay, the doors can stay open while the gap between them is sealed.

Require Lock-Landing Gear

A company can take extra precaution with delivered trailers by requiring landing locks. When drivers arrive at an unattended dock and lower the landing gear, they should secure the equipment with a lock to prevent an unauthorized driver from hooking up and driving away with property they do not own.

Without proper security measures in place, goods can leave without the knowledge or consent of the owners. By making safety improvements to docks and warehouse doors, a business reduces loss.

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