How to protect doors and entry points Glass doors and windows do a lot for your business. They brighten rooms, save energy, raise morale, and enhance your curb appeal. But they’re also vulnerable to break-ins. A burglar with a hammer or crowbar can shatter them and be inside in a few seconds. 

Unfortunately, these types of smash-and-grab robberies are becoming more common. Large  groups of looters have begun targeting unprotected businesses, forcing their way in and looting the place before the police arrive. 

Fortunately, there are cost-effective solutions that protect your business without damaging its appeal. They can be installed quickly at little cost and make your business practically invulnerable to criminals. 

Security Film

Security film is made of thin layers of polyester laminated together. When struck by an object, the film holds the glass together the same way as your car windshield. It’s not impervious, but it can’t be easily broken by a few swings of a heavy object like most glass. In most cases, the best a burglar can do is tear a small hole. They can’t force their way in.

Security film comes in several different sizes, generally 4-15mm, but you can purchase thicker versions if you feel they’re necessary. Though they can’t stop a bullet or explosion, they do offer greater protection to the people inside in the event of such an attack. 

They also protect you from certain types of natural disasters. Hurricanes and tornadoes, for instance, can easily fling objects through plate glass. In some cases, the wind can blow out the window entirely. When this happens, the security film absorbs the impact, preventing damage to the interior of the building. 

Security film can be fitted to any glass pane. It’s not only adaptable, it’s invisible. Once installed, it’s almost impossible to detect, so your business looks exactly the same. 

Security Grates

Gates block access to your business. Made from aluminum or steel, they fit across the entrance, creating a strong barrier against intruders. Though not invincible, they are immune to standard burglar tools, such as sledge hammers, crowbars, and baseball bats. 

Security gates are surprisingly adaptable. Though they’re made from hard, unyielding material, they can be custom fitted to any entrance. They can slide or swing open, depending on your preference. They can also be fitted with internal locks, reinforced mounting brackets, bumpers, and bolts, in order to increase the door’s strength and durability. There are even trackless options that prevent trip hazards during business hours. 

Security gates are an excellent way to protect your business, but are more visible than security film. However, when deployed, they don’t obstruct the view from outside your store. People can still look in and see your product displays, which may entice them to return later and make a purchase.

Security Grilles

Grilles offer many of the same advantages as security gates. They’re made from steel or aluminum and can be custom fit to any location. However, unlike gates, grilles are unobtrusive. They roll up during business hours. Not to mention that they can also be raised and lowered automatically with electric motors. 

Because they’re constructed from such durable materials, grilles are almost impenetrable to bricks, bats, and other objects. What’s more, deploying them can actually deter attacks. Once it’s clear that a store is protected, looters will often shift their focus to another location.  

Grilles and gates are also useful in locations that require ventilation. Because they’re made from steel or aluminum rods linked together, they provide a high degree of protection while still allowing air to circulate through your business ‒ a perfect choice for garages, warehouses, and shipping depots.