Vortex Doors is a brand with a long history of specializing in commercial door repair and installation. We currently have 28 locations that service a variety of locales including Arizona

Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington. This November, our Vortex Service Center in Portland, Oregon is celebrating its 19th year. In addition, our Vortex Doors location in Houston, Texas Service Center is celebrating its 8th anniversary.

Portland, OR location

“Please join us in celebrating this anniversary with our dedicated team of professionals at both the Portland and Houston locations,” said Stacey Muto, Marketing Director. “We are proud to see what our teams have built in their respective areas, and all our loyal customers that we have partnerships with, to keep their doors safe and secure.”

No matter which Vortex Doors location, we aim to provide the dedication and quality service on all types of commercial doors, gates, and dock levelers that we’ve become known for to all our customers.