Riot Glass Riot glass is nearly indestructible. Made from acrylics, polycarbonate, and high-grade plastics, it’s indistinguishable from regular glass but over 250 times stronger. Brocks, sledgehammers, crowbars ‒ riot glass can withstand repeated attacks from common burglary tools. Even firearms are ineffective. Once riot glass has been installed, looters simply cannot break in.

Security & Aesthetics

The second advantage of riot glass: it can be quickly and easily retrofitted. Instead of replacing your existing glass, you can bolt riot glass onto your existing doors and windows. It’s an impenetrable barrier that blends perfectly with your building’s existing look and feel. 

The rise in smash and grab robberies illustrates the need for better security. Standard glass can be broken with one or two hammer blows. Thieves are also becoming more brazen. With police diverted by political protests, raids and looting have become widespread. Riot glass can be installed in only a few hours. Simple and cost-effective, it upgrades security without damaging your curb appeal.