Specialty Doors

Vortex can handle most all openings styles. We can provide solutions from the plain and simple to complex and ornate. We have Technical Engineers with over 40 years of experience which help provide cost effective solutions.

Vortex can find or fabricate obsolete parts, and provide repair options to help avoid costly replacement of custom made doors. We will work deeply with you on any special or complicated projects to insure you are confident in Vortex. In turn, we will provide you the highest quality repair for a long term solution. Various specialty doors include:

Sound Proof Doors


Sound Proof Doors are available with an STC Rating of up to 60. They range from small walk-through doors that are fitted with automatic seals and internal insulation, to concrete "elephant" doors used in movie studios and testing facilities. These doors can suppress or block noise from machinery, background, traffic or any other undesirable sounds.

Security and weather resistant features can be incorporated. Dual glazed glass panels reduce the level of sound transmitted through a storefront door. They are available as overhead, swinging, horizontal sliding or any special application needed.

Stage Doors

Stage Doors

Vortex provides and services various products serving the television, movie and entertainment industry. We retrofit old sound Stage Doors in older studios, as well as modern automated doors and partitions with the highest sound rating available. A variety of materials are utilized, such as wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. Mineral wool and other fillers provide excellent sound proofing qualities. Civic theatres and Hollywood studios can count on Vortex for custom applications.

Custom Doors

Barn Door

With over 75 years of experience, there is no door or gate application Vortex has not experienced. With our in-house engineers and Technical Support we are able to fabricate and repair most custom doors and specialty doors. Vortex can also fabricate obsolete or hard to find door hardware to provide a door repair solution to your unique needs without having to replace the door.

Some special or custom doors include:

  • Barn Doors and Barn Door Hardware
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Historic Doors
  • Doors Manufactured by Ferguson Doors, Technit Doors

Operable Partitions

Stage Doors

Vortex services and repairs a variety of operable wall systems from Conference room dividers to Convention Center walls. We have many resources to provide repair and refurbishment options.

New movable walls and operable partitions come with various options to fit your needs:

  • Variety of choices
  • Sound control through various acoustic ratings
  • Quiet working atmosphere
  • Single and multi-panel systems
  • Manually operated or Motorized
  • Able to divide larger spaces for multiple uses