Key Card Entry SystemKey card entry systems let you control who enters your building and when. They keep out unauthorized visitors and restrict access to sensitive areas, while, at the same time, making it easy for authorized staff to move freely through the building. What’s more, key cards track entry, providing an accurate, time-stamped record of everyone entering and exiting your business.

They not only provide essential security, they also allow you to manage access at a low cost. Unlike traditional locks, business owners can configure key cards to permit entry through a single door or multiple doors. Or set to permit entry only at certain times or days. And while businesses relying on locks have to collect and reissue keys in order to grant access to new areas, key cards can be reconfigured without issuing new material to your staff. They can even be deactivated remotely, eliminating the risk someone might infiltrate your building with a lost, stolen, or missing key.

Each key card entry system works on the same principle, but provides different levels of security, calibrated to the needs of your business.

  • RFID Proximity Cards. A microchip embedded in the card or fob transmits Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID) to a reader connected to the door’s locking mechanism. RFID cards can be set to operate on a wide range of frequencies and distances. Because RFID cards have the most complex encryption protocols, they’re widely used in high-security areas.
  • Swipe Cards. A magnetic strip on the card is run through a reader in order to activate the lock. A simple way to grant access to rooms and buildings, and an inexpensive option for businesses dealing with large numbers of employees entering and exiting through the same area.

Installing a Key Card Entry System in Your Business

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